• Pakistan’s largest & first fully automatic steel rebar plant

  • Superior Precision & Control

  • Strength & Ductility

  • Seismic Resistant & Earthquake Friendly

  • Global Standard Compliant Rebar

  • Up-to 25% Steel Savings

Dost Steels is an agent of change in the reinforced steel bar market, which will enhance the prevailing quality levels of deformed steel bars currently being sold. This will improve the local market standards of steel bars which eventually will uplift the overall quality of construction.



State-of-the-art Technology

Customer Focus…

We believe our customers are not only a source of revenue, but are ambassadors and the life blood of our company. We go the extra mile for customer satisfaction every time to build iron forged relationships.

To serve customers in the most diligent manner, with a sense of purpose. To suggest alternative pathways in the wake of technical problems and to come up with new ideas and solutions.

DSL will do customer panels for ensuring feedbacks directly from our customers on regular basis. Another initiative which is planned would be to launch an online selling portal for customer convenience.